Terms and Conditions:
Please note: the product will be hidden with a special “Amped up, lockdown” image. It will not be the standard product. The standard product (as the one being given away) will still have its normal retail price. 
1. The product will be removed immediate from the site once it has been checked out by someone.
2. The first person to check out the product wins. 
In the case that more than one person checks out the product. The first person who’s order shows on our back end as first wins. 
The other parties will get a refund for their shipping paid. *This could be when there is multiple customers at the payment gateway at once.
3. Only 1 free product will be sent per person.
If you’ve already won once. Please do not play again, in the case that you do win again, your shipping will be refunded.
4. Standard shipping fees apply.
5. No refunds/ cashback can be made using free items.


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