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NPL Hyper Pump 500g

Heavily dosed pre workout with added HGH amplifiers.

This pre workout will assist with the following: 

1. Strength, greater power output combining creatine and betain

2. Focus, mind muscle connection. Focusing on training and not work.

3. Energy, after a long day at work. Boost energy levels while working out.

4. Muscle pump, more blood flow to the muscle being focused on.

5. Muscle primer, opening your blood stream for your intra & post workout.

6. No crash, no feeling funny after your workout. 

7. Endurance, decreasing muscle latic acid build up while working out.

8. HGH complex, added HGH amplifying ingredients can lead to lower body fat percentage.

All the above factors may lead to faster results, whether its building muscle or burning fat.


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