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NPL Bcaa 10:1:1 300g

High Dosed L-Leucine (anabolic) BCAA’s!

This BCAA + L-glutamine blend will assist with the following:

1.Muscle protection & Recovery, protect the muscle that you have with the BCAAs and use your muscle to enhance your workout by pushing harder, training heavier and destroying your workouts. The less you break down the faster you will recover. 

2.Necessary dose of L-Leucine, the body needs between 4-5g of L-leucine if you are looking for a decent dose to enhance lean muscle. BCAA Amino pro has a power dose of 5g per serving. L-leucine is the most anabolic BCAAs of them all.

3.Virtually Zero Sugar, less sugar to your diet means more results!

4.Gut health, adding 2.5g L-Glutamine for muscle recovery was great but even better for GUT health. 

All the above factors may lead to faster results, whether its building muscle or burning fat.

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