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Evolve Super Natural Weight Loss Kit

Evolve Nutrition Super Natural Weight Loss Kit is a combination of three different products to produce maximum weight loss results.

Green Coffee Extract

Green coffee bean has gained popularity as an aid for weight loss. When the body processes glucose for energy, any leftover glucose is transformed into fat and stored. Over time, this leads to decreases in metabolism, and other health issues. Green coffee bean may help reduce the amount of glucose that the body releases. As a way to help support healthy body composition, green coffee bean supplementation is effective. While it's helping reduce the body's glucose levels, it also provides a boost to the metabolism. When the body has a higher metabolism, it's able to burn fat more efficiently. This, combined with promoting healthy glucose levels already in healthy range, can lead to weight loss support.

Raspberry Ketone +

Razberi-K contains raspberry ketone, an aromatic component present in raspberries and other fruits. While raspberries contain many bioactive constituents beneficial for health, this one particular constituent appears to have the potential to support body fat reduction. Raspberry ketone is very similar in structure to two compounds known to induce fat reduction, capsaicin and synephrine. Raspberry ketones appear to support reductions in body fat by decreasing the absorption of dietary fat and increasing norepinephrine-induced lipolysis.

Pure Garcinia Extract

Garcinia Cambogia Extract (GC) is derived from plants that grow throughout southeast Asia. The active component in terms of weight loss with GC is hydroxycitric acid(hca). Several studies have suggested that hydroxycitric acid (hca) plays an important role in the regulation of endogenous lipid biosynthesis (fat accumulation). It is hypothesized that this occurs through the inhibition of alpha-amylase and intestinal alpha-glucosidase, leading to a reduction in carbohydrate metabolism. Additional studies have also suggested that hydroxycitric acid may positively influence appetite.

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