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TNT Rapid Fire 1kg

Perform and endure your workouts well!

This pre/intra workout will assist with the following:

1.Muscle growth, restoring glycogen levels as you train or after. Protein will be used for optimal muscle growth instead of wasting protein. Carbs perform better as a restoring supplement vs Protein and Protein performs better as a muscle fueling supplement. But goes well together!

2.Performace, stacked with BCAAs and electrolytes to assist with muscle protection as well as recovering between sets.

3.Zero caffeine, can be used before workouts for individuals looking to have a fueling pre workout without caffeine or other stimulants.

4.Endurance, breaking down lactic acid build up while working out will bring up the intensity of the workout.

All the above factors may lead to faster results, whether its building muscle or recovering faster.


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